We unlock actionable insights and foresight to transform your business.

We develop bespoke analytical, data management, and enterprise solutions to help businesses find value in their data. Our analytics-based solutions and professional consulting services can revolutionize how you use your data.

Analytics Hive - Analytics-based business solutions, professional ICT consulting, and enterprise data solutions
Analytics Hive is a Salesforce Partner

Analytics Hive is a leading provider of Advanced Analytics, Data Management, and Information Technology (IT) solutions.

Our IT firm runs a dedicated Salesforce CRM Practice supported by a suite of complimentary, proprietary services and solutions spanning Advanced Analytics, Data Management, Information System Audits, and more. We also help our clients achieve IFRS 17 Compliance.

Analytics-based Data Solutions designed with your business in mind. Leverage data to drive ROI.

We’ve developed a full suite of data solutions to help businesses, brands, and organizations combat customer churn and drive sales. Our Customer Retention and Opportunities Hive (CROH) Solution can boost your revenue by 33% or more while allowing you to retain and nurture existing customers.

Enterprise Data Consulting Services

Our enterprise consulting services and solutions are designed to help your business use data and resources in an efficient and insightful way. We leverage Advanced Analytics, Data Management, Cybersecurity, Information System Audits, Application Development, Resourcing, Training, and a broad selection of tools to give your organization unmatched actionable insights to accelerate business growth.

Locally developed, internationally deployed solutions.

Our Global Footprint

Having successfully launched the Analytics Hive Crystallized Universe of Offerings in Johannesburg, South Africa, we expanded our operations to the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. However, our journey is just beginning and plans are already underway to expand to other African countries and five more locations beyond the coasts of Africa.

Trusted by world-class brands, organisations, and enterprises.

Analytics Hive customers are industry leaders who embrace the opportunities that their data represents. Our Analytics-based data and enterprise solutions are now a vital part of their ROI-driven data management strategies. Revolutionize how you use your data and get unmatched results – you’re in good company with us.

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