Cybersecurity and Information System Audits: Keep data safe.

Analytics Hive understands the importance of cybersecurity and information system audits. Keeping data secure, accurate, and compliant is a key challenge facing many businesses, organisations, and corporations today.

Information System Audits

Analytics Hive serves two types of clients in the auditing Stakeholder ecosystem. In the first instance, we deliver Information System Audits directly to enterprises that require to be audited. In the second instance, we conduct Audit Support Analytics and employ computer-aided audit techniques (CAATs) to capacitate teams of other auditing firms in delivering high quality audits at the fraction of typical cost.

Harnessing the power of data analytics and CAATs, we identify violations of preset control tolerance limits and proactively guide audit teams on what to look for when they go out in the field to conduct audits at client sites. Averaging 8 years’ experience, our distinguished Professionals hold globally-recognized certifications including but not limited to CISA, Data Management & Analytics. Furthermore, we use modern tools like ACL, IDEA and others to expedite delivery where practical. The Analytics Hive Team is a well-blended pool of talent bringing cross-industry experience and expertise in the domains we play. Our offerings span across:

Audit Support Analytics

Information System Audits

Continuous Controls Monitoring